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Our story

There are a variety of dishes served and changes every day.

Lutong Bahay Restaurant is a family-owned and operated business located only in Arizona. We serve different traditional home-style Filipino and occasional Asian dishes everyday. This is a point-point (turo-turo) type of fast food restaurant where you pick the food you like by pointing to the dish at the steam table. There is a variety of dishes that are served and changes everyday.

We have dine-in and take-out options serving 1-3 entrée meals with rice, a la carte entrees & soup dishes, BBQ, fried or grilled fish, different kakanin (goodies), drinks and desserts. Cebu-style lechon is sold per pound on Sundays. We provide casual catering for your party needs and our dining area is available for special events, meetings and gatherings up to 60 people. Filipino food is a melting pot of different food influences by the Spanish, Chinese, Thai, Indonesian & Indian cuisines of the people who have colonized or settled in the islands throughout history.

Our Roots

Lutong Bahay Restaurant began its roots from the province of Pampanga, Philippines. This central Luzon area is known to be the culinary capital of the Philippines, where the best cooks come from and where our family served numerous classic Kapampangan cuisine at memorable town "fiestas" a.k.a. religious feast day celebrations for many generations.

Since 2001, we started cooking Cebu-style lechon and catering for many friends' gatherings. In 2006, Lutong Bahay, LLC was established as a family owned company catering for friends at special events. Lutong Bahay Diner was opened inside a local Asian grocery in 2007 with the dynamic duo of Henry & Edmund managing the day to day operations until it closed in 2013 after our patriarch "Mang Henry" had passed. We were the pioneers who first introduced & served the popular sisig dish (original Pampanga way) & Talisay Cebu-style lechon here in Arizona before other Filipino restaurants in the valley followed suit & created their own versions.

Today, the same remaining first generation family that started the company continues the legacy of serving Filipino home-style cooking by an authentic Kapampangan chef. Lutong Bahay means "home cooking" in Filipino. We are keeping the traditional family secret recipes alive in our mind and hearts to your stomachs. Cooking is not only in our blood; it is our passion. We continue to share Philippine history, culture and traditions through our favorite dishes while cooking them with LOVE.


Lutong Bahay Filipino & Asian Restaurant
9250 N 43rd Ave, Ste 14, Glendale, AZ 85302
Cellphone: (602) 703-0590 | Restaurant/Store: (480) 849-1494